Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

Well, I had a great Thanksgiving Day. The food was great and the fellowship with my family and friends was really good. As you can see the children had a wonderful time. They were watching movies, singing, dancing and playing -- they had a ball. Some adults were more engaged in deep political and controversal debates -- it was quite interesting. The other adults were watching Shrek the Third and Ratatouille ( none of which I have seen). However, I will be watching Shrek the Third for the first time as soon as I am finished writing this post. Thanksgiving is great but the clean-up time is no fun because after you have finished eating, talking, laughing and watching t.v. --- all your body wants to do is sleep. But we know that we can't sleep just yet because we want to be able to eat leftovers the next day and we must put the food away. By the way I think that Thanksgiving leftovers are the best -- especially the kind of meal we make. We have an American slash Jamaican style Thanksgiving Feast and it is absolutely delicious. I hope everyone had a great feast and fellowship with their family as I did. I truly thank God for blessing us so much and that we were able to have the feast that we did and the fellowship -- it was all good. Thank You for Father for blessing me!
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Toknowhim said...

Sweet Latoya,

Thank you for participating in my MEME today. Your answers were great, and you gave details which helps us get to know each other better :) Blessings and I look forward to learning more about you in the future.