Monday, November 22, 2010

True Repentance!

Thought For Today:

The Lord wants us to bear fruit of repentance.  Repentance involves the mind, will, and the emotions.  Recognizing your faults (mind); Feeling sorry (emotions); Doing something about it (will).  Often times a person may recognize and feel sorry for what they have done and may even confess it to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. But neglects to act upon the will - doing something about it to make things right, in other words -Restitution. I submit to you today that some of us are going around being sorry for the same thing over and over again and never walking in victory over that thing because they have yet to make restitution for the wrong they have committed.  Example: If you have stolen something you ought to replace it, if you have wrong your brother/sister/neighbor/friend - you ought to go to them and reconcile. I believe that Pride is the reason why some won't take it to that step. I encourage you today to humble yourself - walk in victory and make restitution for any wrong that you have committed between you, God, and anyone else that was involved in the situation and watch what happens in your life as a result. I promise you - your life will never be the same again :-)  I challenge you to walk in Victory and not defeat.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit!

Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit:

1. It is a satanic evil spirit.

2. The root of this spirit most often lies from hurt and pain bottled up within the carrier from childhood or unforgiveness from many hurts, pains, disappoints, abuse, etc. throughout the individuals life that has not been properly dealt with. This person was more than likely hurt by someone they loved, cared for, or trusted. The person carrying the jezebel spirit most often don’t know that they are carrying it because they have been deceived into believing that they are well and nothing is wrong. They most often deal with their hurts and pains by inflicting hurt and pain on others or getting others to sympathize with their pain to the point of bringing them under their control. They usually find people who have low-self-esteem, people who are genuinely loving God - minding their own business, and focus on the work that God has put in their hands, and people who lack discernment in regards to this spirit in particular. The carrier of this spirit usually has secrets bottled up inside of them in other words skeleton in their closet. Part of the reason why this person has not yet been freed from the evil spirit is because the evil spirit is dwelling in that darkness that is within them. A key to their freedom is to reveal or let the light shine on these secrets/skeletons that are in their closet. The person who desires to be free from this spirit MUST REPENT OPENLY BEFORE GOD and CONFESS THEIR FAULTS ONE TO ANOTHER AND PRAY, FOR THE FERVENT PRAYER OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH.

3. The carrier of this spirit seeks to control, manipulate, and intimidate all so that they can have their own way and pursue their own agenda. They are not satisfied if they are not in control of everyone and everything around them. They will go at any length to get total submission to their authority or they will leave or you have to get out. Out of their house, church, school, place of business, etc.

4. The carrier of this spirit usually takes great pride in their appearance, dresses seductively and provactively, they are usually very attractive outwardly but eventually they begin to transform from the inside out looking like the very witch like spirit that is influencing/possessing them.

5. The carrier of this spirit rejoices in evil or the misfortune of others because they like others to be as miserable and unhappy as they are deep within themselves.

6. Carriers of this spirit do not have a genuine love relationship with God. As a matter of fact they don’t know what the true meaning of Love is.

7. Carriers of this spirit are sexually perverted: fornicators, adulterers, lesbians, homosexuals, bestiality, etc.

8. Carriers of this spirit are very selfish and self-centered. They put their needs and wants above others and if they have children, their children will be neglected at their expense.

9. They are money lovers. They will do anything to get money even to the point of it being illegal and immoral, even to the point where they will neglect their own family and friends who care for and love them very much.

10. Carriers of this spirit likes the finer things in life and most often will not settle for anything less. They can never get enough or have enough. They are usually very materialistic.

11. Carriers of this spirit hate it when you ask them questions and will often make it seem like you are questioning their authority. Whenever you speak truth – they will most often avoid it or deny it and will seek to shut you up from speaking truth to them and around them. They will even go at lengths to shield or protect those who they have under their influence from hearing the truth. They will even try to block you and cut you off for FEAR of them (the Jezebel spirit) and their evil deeds being EXPOSED.

12. Carriers of this spirit are more interested in their self than anyone else. They will most often talk about themselves and rarely does anyone else get a word in the conversation. It’s all about them!

13. Carriers of this spirit have deep-seated HATE. Hate for themselves, Hate for those who they have perceived to hurt them, Hate for those who they believe is responsible for their misfortune. They don’t like to take responsibilities for their actions and if they do it will always be because so and so did this then that is why I did that. It’s always an eye for an eye. They seek revenge every chance they get! Their desire is to punish and inflict pain continuously.

14. Carriers of this spirit do not like to admit wrong because of PRIDE. They don’t admit their faults or wrong doing. They usually believe it to be the fault of everyone else involved and none of themselves. Jezebel spirits LOVES to play the VICTIM. Carriers of this spirit have a victim mentality. They like it when others feel sorry for them and they like to play on the emotions of others to have their own way. Sometimes they will be in abusive relationship – physical, mental, sexual, or spiritual abusive. If they should escape such a relationship and they not have Jesus Christ at the center of their lives they will become the abuser in current and future relationships.

15. Carriers of this spirit usually have recurring physical ailments because of the bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness that they abhor inside. They won’t let it go! They like others feeling sorry for them when they aren’t feeling well and most often use their ailments as a way of controlling their victims and getting what they want – promoting their agenda which is usually in complete opposition to the will of God. God created our bodies to heal itself and when we allow unhealthy things to go in and stay there the body will manifest unhealthy results such as sickness and diseases (cancer is the main one).

16. Carriers of this spirit will often find fault and criticize anyone and everyone because they have low-self-esteem and they are trying to make themselves feel better about themselves.

17. A true man or woman of God filled with the Spirit of God is usually hated, rejected, and despised by the carrier of the Jezebel Spirit.

18. Carriers of this spirit are a major hindrance to the body of Christ growth, maturity, and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and His Will being done. In the Church they desire to promote their own agenda and at the same time God’s vision/will goes undone for the body. Contending with the Jezebel spirit is very tiring and just like the devil he/she will continue to fight for total control through manipulation or intimidation until they get it. It is never satisfied with second place. He/she has to be first and will try to sabotage anyone who gets in their way to get there. To defeat this spirit one must be prepared with the full armor of God, fight in fasting and prayer, praise, worship, repentance must be a continuous theme, the word of Truth must be boldly proclaimed, lies must be exposed, and you must confront that spirit with truth, boldness, consistency, and steadfastness. You have to CONFRONT the Jezebel spirit and DO NOT run away from it. Confront AND STAND AGAINST it with GODLY BOLDNESS, COURAGE, AND WITH THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH – THE HOLY SPIRIT. USE THE POWER, LOVE, AND SOUND MIND THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU AND DO NOT OPERATE IN THE SPIRIT OF FEAR.

19. Carriers of this spirit sometimes may appear to be friendly or on your side but secretly they are not and they don’t like you.

20. Carriers of this spirit are avid liars. They are pathological liars. They will go to any lengths by lying and even exaggerating matters to make themselves look better, more important, or more spiritual and holy-super holy than others.

21. Women Carriers of the Jezebel spirit usually don’t have a spouse, never been married, and or cannot keep a man. And if they do have a man or is married that man usually have an Ahab spirit (avoids confrontation; denies fault; is easily intimidated, manipulated, and controlled by her; doesn’t take responsibility for his actions; abdicates his authority; very weak and fearful; loves his position but fears confrontation, afraid of his spouse with the Jezebel spirit, looks for others to do his “dirty work;” doesn’t exercise his God-given authority.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Birthday Is JULY 3rd!!!

This is a simple to post to let everyone who is interested know that my birthday is coming up on July 3rd and it's a big one... I decided to create a Birthday wish list through for the first time ever. The items on the list are ones that I so desire to have and will be very thankful to receive from a generous person who is looking to be a blessing to someone... Here is your chance, I will include a link below this post to visit the website where the list is located. If you so desire to get me something as a surprise you may contact my husand directly at his email address:  Or if you just want to do it without making it a surprise you may email me at or leave a comment on this post... Thank you :-)

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Can God Be Trusted?

"You ever wonder why some little children, or faithful followers of Jesus end up experiencing disease, crisis, and other terrible things. Is God fair? Can we trust God? " ~Pastor Bradwell~

The above quote and title of this post was posed by Pastor Thomas Bradwell whom I met many years ago... I thought it was a very good question and it is one that many many people have asked over and over again. I replied to the above statement and question below. I just wanted to share and hope and pray it blesses and encourages others. I hope it gives insight to those who are in need.

My Response:

Yes, I have wondered about the same exact things. Some of my conculsions are as follows:

1. We live in a sin sick world.

2. Romans 8:28 - "And we know all things work together for good, to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose."

3. Study the life of Job

4. Focus on Jesus - He endured alot for us. The Word tells us that in this world we will have tribulations but we must be of good cheer because He (Jesus) has overcome the world. I believe that one of the things the church has failed to do particularily here in America because we are so comfortable is to tell people that we will face trials, tribulations, and persecution... But there is hope because it tells us in James 1:2-4 Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

I think that we are too comfortable and we think that we should not have to go through anything. Some times we think that trouble is doom and gloom but God is meaning it for our good. Just look at Job! When we are tested our faith is being built up in God and it is causing us to become stronger and wiser. If we never go through anything that caused us to be uncomfortable we would not grow in our faith/trust in God, we would lack endurance, we lean on ourselves and others more than we would God, we would not be made perfect and complete lacking nothing. When trials come it is to expose and remove what does not belong and cause us to become more like Christ - perfect and complete lacking nothing. We often times forget that the sufferings of this world are temporary and is nothing to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us... We have to remember constantly that we must walk by faith and not by sight. The word of God has to be the foundation that we stand on because all other ground is sinking sand... God's word is powerful and living... God's Word will never return unto Him void but will accomplish that which it has been sent out to do... We must remember to trust (lean on, depend on, believe, have faith) in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding and in all our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our paths...

Finally, I believe we must remember that God's will and goal for all is to be saved (enter in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ)... His will and goal for His children (those who have accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf) is to become more and more like Jesus everyday. He has begun and is continuing a good work in us and with all of the negative things that happen to us and those around us -- God will if we allow Him to Work it all together for good to those that love Him and are the called according to His purpose because He has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son... :-) We should also remember to give thanks in all things for this is the will of God concerning us... Yes, even the trials, tribulations, etc.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You Offended???

And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may come to their senses and escape the snare [entrapment] of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.  ~2Timothy 2:24-26, Emphasis Added~

Many people are unable to function properly in God's purpose and calling for their lives because of the wounds, hurts, and offenses in their lives. ~John Bevere~

I have found this to be true through personal experiences and the experiences of others that I have witnessed over the years.  I find that people who have been wounded, hurt, and or offended experience much frustration.  The frustration comes sometimes because this offense may have occurred many times by many different people over many years.  It maybe that the person who have experience such pain in their lifetime showed immediate forgiveness and was able to be reconciled back to a healthy relationship with the individual or individuals who have inflicted much pain in their lives on the onset.  But because of repeat performances this individual find it more difficult to move on in a healthy way according to God's standard.

However, what does a person do who have experienced this offense or pain over and over again by the same person or many others over a long period of time??? What should you or anyone who has experienced this unfortunate reality do??? What must a person do with all the frustration that they are experiencing? What must they do with the confusion? What should they do with the lack of information on their part as well as the offender? How does one move on with life as a "normal" person before the pain, hurt, or offense? What is the healthy way to process such wound that literally cripples you spiritual, mentally, emotional, and or physically??? Is it God's will for a person to stay in a state of confusion or bondage because of a wound, hurt or an offense committed by another person? 

So many questions... I don't have all the answers but I know who does... God's WORD (The BIBLE) has all the answers and the perfect solution for every situation and circumstance we may experience in life.  Adverse things happen simply because we live in a fallen world.  One thing we must always remember is we live in a fallen world that was corrupted by Sin.  The fact is hurt people hurt people... It is a vicious cycle... One thing that can break that cycle and this one thing being key is FORGIVENESS... Yes, we have to forgive and must forgive in order to not do to others what has been done to us... In order to release ourselves from the grip of the enemy we must forgive... In order not to hurt, wound, or cause another person pain in the same way we have been hurt we must forgive.  Forgiveness for the most part sometimes is easier said than done.  We are humans and as children of God we are learning each and everyday to be more like Christ.  We are becoming more and more like Him - perfect and complete... We must remember that we have flaws and we won't always do what is right according to God's standard 100% of the time.  That should bring a sense of ease with what we expect from ourselves as well as what we expect from others.  As a matter of fact what it should do is cause us to say and continually remember to not put unrealistic expectations on others and be open to know that others will cause us hurt, pain, and offense.  Even though the less we expect or demand from someone else the better off we will be in not receiving an offense, hurt, or wound that is a bait of satan sent to us to trap us in his sick and twisted schemes.  That's right satan - the Father of lies (He is a Liar and the truth is never and can never be found in him), he (satan) is a deceiver, his goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.  Those are his main mission in life. He literally want peoples lives to be miserable, incomplete, lacking, unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled, unloving, unattractive, etc. He wants to put you in captivity, hold you in bondage, and steal everything away from us that God wants us to have and has sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for us for. The devil wants to cripple us so that we won't fulfill the Will of God for our lives and be a Blessing to others. The devil goal is to take as many people to HELL with him as possible. HELL is not a nice place and God did not make HELL for people. It was created for the devil and his followers.

God does not now or ever intend for us to get hurt, wounded, offended, and ultimately be trapped by the devil.  We must remember Jesus came to set the captive free. He (Jesus) came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. So when a person experience things in life that causes pain, hurt, etc. we must remember that the source is not God, the source is not people, but the source is the devil himself.  With that in mind we must put the WORD to work by praying, singing, and putting into practice the WORD of GOD which is powerful, and living... In order for us to not seek revenge on those who hurt us, in order for us not build up walls to protect ourselves from being hurt again, in order for us to live in freedom and in truth, in order for us to live the life that God has ordained for us to live before the foundation of the world we must believe and put the powerful Word of God into practice.  God's Word, the Scriptures says, we must Trust Him with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge Him so that He will direct our paths.  His Word also says we must submit ourselves to Him(God), resist the devil and he will flee.  His Word tells us in everything we are to give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us.  He says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places... Wow, did you get that? Our struggle/fight is not with people but with the devil and his imps. The Word of God says we are overcomers and Jesus gave us the Victory.  It also says that Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  The Word tells us that we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and to those who are the called according to His purpose.

I don't know about anybody else but I'm tired of the devil and his games and I declare war against the kingdom of darkness right now in Jesus Name... I have on the Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Belt of Truth, the Gospel Shoes of Peace, the Shield of Faith, and the Sword of the Spirit.  I'm ready to battle for what's right and I'm taking back all that the enemy has tried to steal from me.  I decree and declare reconciliation in every broken relationship in Jesus Name, I decree and declare restoration of finances, health, and everything that God has for us is for us and we will stand in position ready to receive and to give all that God has for us to receive and give in Jesus Name.  Thank you Father for new life, a fresh anointing, for release from debt, for increase in finances, and open doors that You open and no one can shut.  Thank you, Father! You are a good Father that only desire good for Your Children... In everything Father, I say "THANK YOU!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

An Expression Of LOVE!!!

Today I am very thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, for dying on the cross to save me from my sin and the sins of this world. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice He made on my behalf. Thank You, Jesus!!! John 3:16 says for God so Loved the World that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.

Because of Jesus Christ!

Thank You, Jesus, for what you've done for me! Because of You I am Free! Because of You I have everlasting Life! Because of You I have Joy! Because of You I have Peace! Because of You I have Victory! Because of You I can Love Unconditionally! Because of You I've been Forgiven and I can Forgive! Because of You, I have been given Grace and Mercy! Because of You, I am Healed, Delivered, and made Whole! Because of You, I have been Called, Chosen, Anointed, and set Apart! Because of You, I was Created! Because of You, I Worship! Because of You, I Live, I Move, and I have my Being! Because of Who You Are I Love You more today than ever before! Just Because and only Because of You! Because of You I can Smile, Laugh, and Sing! Because of You, there is a sweet melody in my heart! Because of You I Dance! Because of You I Shout! Because of You I Pray! Because of You, I Believe! Because of You I have Everything I Need... Because of You I Exist! Because of You, I have been Redeemed! Because of You I still Remain! Thank You for being present in my heart! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I LOVE YOU, JESUS!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Truth and Wisdom!

The truth is the truth regardless of anyone's opinion that should try to contradict it. The question is what are you going to do about it? If you reject it you will stay in a state of bondage or deception. If you accept truth and apply truth to your life it will give you freedom and clarity.

"Did you know this? You can be lied to; you can believe something to be true, but yet it's a lie. And that lie can get down into your spirit, and it can keep you goofed up and seeing things from the wrong point of view. You can remain wrong until it get plucked out and the right thing gets put inside your spirit." ~Robert Tilton~

It is so important to know Truth intimately so that we don't believe a lie or so that we will reject a lie when we hear one or when it tries to impose itself on us. I am so convinced that so many of our recurring problems can be resolved if we just seek truth, know it, and apply it in our lives, hearts, and situations. When we believe a lie it causes us to be in a continued state of darkness, blindness, deception, bondage, etc. It is only by receiving and applying truth that we are made free and no longer in bondage, darkness, deception, etc... I am reminded of the song I can see clearly now that's what happens when we believe, accept, receive, and apply truth to our lives.

I love these two verses:

(John 8:32) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

(Psalms 51:6) Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. (James 1:5)