Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Spiritual Birthday!

Spring is my season!

For quite some time now I notice that I enjoyed the spring season.  I kept thinking duh, it's Spring and everything comes alive during Spring especially after a long, dark, cold, and dreary Winter.  But now I realize that it was during the Spring of 1995 that God rescued me from my sin and shame.  It was April 13-14 in the year of 1995 that I dedicated my life to serving the Lord.  It was during that time I received a new life in exchange for the old and dead one that I was living.  LOVE came down and rescued me... I remember many years ago but it is still fresh in my mind.  I would say I was at the lowest point in my life. I wanted to die and even tried to take my life. It felt like no one understood me, no one loved me, and no one cared. I felt unworthy, worthless, and unwanted.  I felt like a throw away, I felt lower than dirt.  I was searching and searching for Love and Acceptance. I did what I could to try to fulfill those needs. After engaging into some sinful activities I realized that nothing and no one could satisfy the deeper hunger of my heart and soul. I was searching for something permanent and not temporary. But God! You see I was always in church even as a little girl but I did not have a personal relationship with Him.  I did not know He was Real for myself.  I said the sinner’s prayer many times prior to this defining moment but somehow the moment that made the most impact on my life was the moment when God embraced me and spoke to me. It was at a youth convention in Hersey, PA in the mid 90s. So at this convention the speaker spoke about breaking the chains... And at the end of the message he gave an altar call. I felt the Spirit of God tugging on my heart very strongly and I went to the altar. At the altar I began to weep and my youth leader at the time hugged me and began to pray for me.  It's in that moment that my Life Changed Forever.  In that moment I felt the warmth, comfort, love, and God’s embrace.  At that moment I Knew HE was and is Real and He Cares and He Knows me.  In that moment He began to Speak to me and He told me how much He loved me, He told me He Understands me, He Cares about me, He Sees Me, He Knows me, He Wants me... That moment is a moment I will never forget because it was the moment God changed my life and my destiny.  In that moment He broke the curse of sin and shame from my life.  It was that moment He gave me new life and new meaning...

So to me I say, Happy Spiritual Birthday to Me.  It's my 21st birthday as a Born Again Believer in Christ Jesus.  Hallelujah and Amen!