Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yes It Is!!!

Did you know that your obedience is directly connected to your love!!!

Just think about...

The deeper our love is for an individual the more we want to and the more we yield ourselves over into doing the things that pleases that individual. Children are notorious for this. They will often do anything to please the adults in their lives especially their parents because they have such a pure, unconditional love for them.

How about when you first start falling in love with that special someone --- weren't you willing to do just about anything for that person because you loved them so much. Well you may be wondering where I am going with this ... Ok, here it is!

We ought to love God so much that it's not a problem or issue when it comes to obeying Him. We know that everything that God has ever wanted us to do is always for our own good -- never for "bad". God is a good, Father. He will never lead us astray. He made us, He will never tell us to do something that will cause us to be separated from Him eternally. In His Word it says if you love me, keep(obey) my commandments. You know that God never ask us to do something that He did not do. He told us that He loved us so much and then He showed us... How? By the dying of His only begotten Son, Jesus, on the cross for the sins of you and I. Can you imagine someone who never did anything wrong coming to take the punishment of your sins which was eternal death ( separation from God-- forever) and eternal torment. He did that for us and He did not have to do it. Hallelujah!!! I know that I know that God loves me and He will never require of us what He has required of His Son. It is already done!!! Amen! All we have to do is die to our flesh (selfish and self-centered desires and ways) daily so that Christ will be made manifested through us. So that God can get the Glory which He sooooo deserves......
Won't you ask God by His Holy Spirit today to fill your heart with a longing and a desire to grow deeper in love with Him so that you can live a life of obedience to His Word and will for your life.
He deserves our complete love, devotion and obedience to Him.
Father fill us up with more, more of your love, word, and desires. So that we can love You completely and obey completely with no hesitations. Father remove every fear, doubt, distractions, or reservations that would be an hindrance to your love and will being made perfect in us. Lord teach us more about You by Your Spirit so that we may grow more in understanding and deeper in love with you every day. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

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Toknowhim said...

Thank you so much for the sweet encouraging words that you left on my blog. I think I like to share and try to be open and honest now (in life and on my blog) because for so long I was a hypocrite...fake as can be. God has set me free in so many ways, but I still have a long way to go.

You blessed me today... To Know Him