Friday, August 22, 2008

Hooray for Progress!!!

I began the hair locking process on May 23rd of this year. When I first started out my hair was very short and it seemed thin. Here are few pictures of the very first day that my hair stylist did my coils and one week later in Erie, PA. I was told by several individuals that I was a good candidate to begin locking my hair and they said it would look nice on me as well. It took months for me to really decide to try it.
Then at my second appointment I saw amazing results that I was impressed with I could not believe how much and how quickly my hair began to grow. My hair stylist was also impressed with the results. Here are more pictures after my second appointment. It was after this appointment that I decided that I would definitely keep the style and I really like it a lot. I was searching for about one year or more for a natural hair style that is easy to take care of, inexpensive, and would look great on me. I have found it. I'm loving it. Thank you, Father.

At my third appointment we saw even better results. It was the icing on the cake because the next day was my birthday and I was just excited. Finally at peace and rest about my hair because I have had such a difficult time in the past with my hair and no longer am I overly concerned about what to do with it. What a blessing and an answer to prayer. Thank you!
Here are a couple of pictures after my fourth appointment.
After my fifth appointment I am so happy to see that my hair has grown alot since the last time I went to my hairstylist. She is doing a great job and I thank God for leading me to her. My hair has locked and it's growing quickly -- I am amazed. I did not expect these results in such a short period of time. I am thankful! Wow, my hair in the picture to the left is touching my eyebrow compared to the first picture up top on the left. :-)

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