Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I've Been Kissed

I have been kissed

SO deep that I am consumed by so many emotions

Ive been kissed

I feel so fulfilled and so secure

Secure in the person that you've created me to be

Ive been kissed

Kissed with a new found understanding of L-I-F-E

Kissed with a passion to strive for more than what this life has to offer me

Ive been kissed

Not by a stranger, but by someone that knows me from the inside out

Knows my inner parts

Each strand that is on my head

Ive been kissed

Made clean

No longer feeling worthless but uplifted, like a Queen

Ive been kissed

Kissed by the only being that can penetrate deep into my mind, body, and soul

My spirit has been kissed by the Lover of my Soul.

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"The Booga Wooga" said...

Hi Latoya!

I got your email and ran right over to check out your new diggs. The page looks great...the template you chose was actually the second template that I used for Elijah early on when I first started blogging. I'm glad you posted a photo of yourself this time too!

Take care and keep those posts coming...I do visit every page that we are linked to everyday!

Mrs. Martin