Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How To Recognize Your Mate.

Recognize – to perceive what was known before.

1. Your mate must be God approved. Read Genesis 2:18; Genesis 24:1-7

2. Attraction does not equal worthiness of one’s heart.

3. Marriage is a sowing ground. It’s a wide-open field. Sow seeds of
patience, love, beauty, hope, kindness, longsuffering, self-control, etc.

4. Think twice about this person if you have trouble and are ashamed to introduce this person to others.

5. Think twice if this person takes your focus or mind off God.

6. Your mate is not given to you to create joy or to make you feel happy. Your mate is a gift from God.

7. Your mate will protect you and help you to produce focus.

8. Your mate will help to reduce the distractions in life.

9. Think twice if you don’t have a passion to give yourself to your mate.

10. Think twice if the person still has a need to be recognized by the opposite sex. Or if this person flirts with the opposite sex.

11. Think twice if your achievement does not produce excitement in my mate.

12. Think twice if your mate side against you without hearing your part first.

13. Think twice if he/she does not celebrate you.

14. Think twice if they don’t continue to improve.

15. Your mate should be captured by what captures you. They should be excited about the things that excite you – even if they don’t care for it.

16. Think twice if they like rebellion or like getting into mischief.

17. Think twice if you never see repentance (to turn or change from negative behavior)

18. Think twice if they easily give up on you.

19. Think twice if they blow little things out of proportion.

20. Think twice if your mate doesn’t want to impress you anymore.

21. Think twice if they don’t ask quality questions about you or your dreams.

22. Think twice if they constantly ignore good counsel.

Taught by Pastor Bowden
Compiled by Mrs. Cohen

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