Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit!

Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit:

1. It is a satanic evil spirit.

2. The root of this spirit most often lies from hurt and pain bottled up within the carrier from childhood or unforgiveness from many hurts, pains, disappoints, abuse, etc. throughout the individuals life that has not been properly dealt with. This person was more than likely hurt by someone they loved, cared for, or trusted. The person carrying the jezebel spirit most often don’t know that they are carrying it because they have been deceived into believing that they are well and nothing is wrong. They most often deal with their hurts and pains by inflicting hurt and pain on others or getting others to sympathize with their pain to the point of bringing them under their control. They usually find people who have low-self-esteem, people who are genuinely loving God - minding their own business, and focus on the work that God has put in their hands, and people who lack discernment in regards to this spirit in particular. The carrier of this spirit usually has secrets bottled up inside of them in other words skeleton in their closet. Part of the reason why this person has not yet been freed from the evil spirit is because the evil spirit is dwelling in that darkness that is within them. A key to their freedom is to reveal or let the light shine on these secrets/skeletons that are in their closet. The person who desires to be free from this spirit MUST REPENT OPENLY BEFORE GOD and CONFESS THEIR FAULTS ONE TO ANOTHER AND PRAY, FOR THE FERVENT PRAYER OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH.

3. The carrier of this spirit seeks to control, manipulate, and intimidate all so that they can have their own way and pursue their own agenda. They are not satisfied if they are not in control of everyone and everything around them. They will go at any length to get total submission to their authority or they will leave or you have to get out. Out of their house, church, school, place of business, etc.

4. The carrier of this spirit usually takes great pride in their appearance, dresses seductively and provactively, they are usually very attractive outwardly but eventually they begin to transform from the inside out looking like the very witch like spirit that is influencing/possessing them.

5. The carrier of this spirit rejoices in evil or the misfortune of others because they like others to be as miserable and unhappy as they are deep within themselves.

6. Carriers of this spirit do not have a genuine love relationship with God. As a matter of fact they don’t know what the true meaning of Love is.

7. Carriers of this spirit are sexually perverted: fornicators, adulterers, lesbians, homosexuals, bestiality, etc.

8. Carriers of this spirit are very selfish and self-centered. They put their needs and wants above others and if they have children, their children will be neglected at their expense.

9. They are money lovers. They will do anything to get money even to the point of it being illegal and immoral, even to the point where they will neglect their own family and friends who care for and love them very much.

10. Carriers of this spirit likes the finer things in life and most often will not settle for anything less. They can never get enough or have enough. They are usually very materialistic.

11. Carriers of this spirit hate it when you ask them questions and will often make it seem like you are questioning their authority. Whenever you speak truth – they will most often avoid it or deny it and will seek to shut you up from speaking truth to them and around them. They will even go at lengths to shield or protect those who they have under their influence from hearing the truth. They will even try to block you and cut you off for FEAR of them (the Jezebel spirit) and their evil deeds being EXPOSED.

12. Carriers of this spirit are more interested in their self than anyone else. They will most often talk about themselves and rarely does anyone else get a word in the conversation. It’s all about them!

13. Carriers of this spirit have deep-seated HATE. Hate for themselves, Hate for those who they have perceived to hurt them, Hate for those who they believe is responsible for their misfortune. They don’t like to take responsibilities for their actions and if they do it will always be because so and so did this then that is why I did that. It’s always an eye for an eye. They seek revenge every chance they get! Their desire is to punish and inflict pain continuously.

14. Carriers of this spirit do not like to admit wrong because of PRIDE. They don’t admit their faults or wrong doing. They usually believe it to be the fault of everyone else involved and none of themselves. Jezebel spirits LOVES to play the VICTIM. Carriers of this spirit have a victim mentality. They like it when others feel sorry for them and they like to play on the emotions of others to have their own way. Sometimes they will be in abusive relationship – physical, mental, sexual, or spiritual abusive. If they should escape such a relationship and they not have Jesus Christ at the center of their lives they will become the abuser in current and future relationships.

15. Carriers of this spirit usually have recurring physical ailments because of the bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness that they abhor inside. They won’t let it go! They like others feeling sorry for them when they aren’t feeling well and most often use their ailments as a way of controlling their victims and getting what they want – promoting their agenda which is usually in complete opposition to the will of God. God created our bodies to heal itself and when we allow unhealthy things to go in and stay there the body will manifest unhealthy results such as sickness and diseases (cancer is the main one).

16. Carriers of this spirit will often find fault and criticize anyone and everyone because they have low-self-esteem and they are trying to make themselves feel better about themselves.

17. A true man or woman of God filled with the Spirit of God is usually hated, rejected, and despised by the carrier of the Jezebel Spirit.

18. Carriers of this spirit are a major hindrance to the body of Christ growth, maturity, and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and His Will being done. In the Church they desire to promote their own agenda and at the same time God’s vision/will goes undone for the body. Contending with the Jezebel spirit is very tiring and just like the devil he/she will continue to fight for total control through manipulation or intimidation until they get it. It is never satisfied with second place. He/she has to be first and will try to sabotage anyone who gets in their way to get there. To defeat this spirit one must be prepared with the full armor of God, fight in fasting and prayer, praise, worship, repentance must be a continuous theme, the word of Truth must be boldly proclaimed, lies must be exposed, and you must confront that spirit with truth, boldness, consistency, and steadfastness. You have to CONFRONT the Jezebel spirit and DO NOT run away from it. Confront AND STAND AGAINST it with GODLY BOLDNESS, COURAGE, AND WITH THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH – THE HOLY SPIRIT. USE THE POWER, LOVE, AND SOUND MIND THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU AND DO NOT OPERATE IN THE SPIRIT OF FEAR.

19. Carriers of this spirit sometimes may appear to be friendly or on your side but secretly they are not and they don’t like you.

20. Carriers of this spirit are avid liars. They are pathological liars. They will go to any lengths by lying and even exaggerating matters to make themselves look better, more important, or more spiritual and holy-super holy than others.

21. Women Carriers of the Jezebel spirit usually don’t have a spouse, never been married, and or cannot keep a man. And if they do have a man or is married that man usually have an Ahab spirit (avoids confrontation; denies fault; is easily intimidated, manipulated, and controlled by her; doesn’t take responsibility for his actions; abdicates his authority; very weak and fearful; loves his position but fears confrontation, afraid of his spouse with the Jezebel spirit, looks for others to do his “dirty work;” doesn’t exercise his God-given authority.)


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until recently that I have been able to finally identify the spirit of the most vicious women in my life, past and present. They all have several of these characteristics. They are mean, self-centered snakes.

EthelG said...

Great article! It's not easy confronting this spirit, though. This is when fasting and praying might be in order. Thanks for posting this...very informative, and even frightening.