About Us

Our Wedding Day - August 11, 2001


Hello! My name is Latoya and this is my husband Justin.  We are blessed to be married with God's blessings and favor for 10 years and counting.  We give God all the glory because it is only possible because He made it possible and we are grateful :-).

We are called, chosen, anointed, and appointed ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and no we are not ashamed! Christ said if we are ashamed of Him before men then He will be ashamed of us before His Heavenly Father on that day we stand before Him.  Are you ready? Will you be ready?

I, Latoya, is the one that maintain this website.  There is more info about us to come...

I love to worship God with all that is within me. These sites are dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. Without Him I am nothing. He is an awesome wonder in my soul. He is the Lover of my soul. He truly has been so faithful to me. I can't get enough of Him -- He is sooo Good to me -- all the time. May these sites always Glorify God. Amen! They are also made to encourage those who are True Worshipers of our Great, Awesome, and Mighty God. Hallelujah!!! It is also created to bless all who would come across this blog. Everyone is welcome here. Where the Spirit of Lord is there is liberty -- receive freedom today as you worship Him in Spirit and in Truth --He alone is Worthy to be Praised. Amen!!!!