Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Time Of Reflection!

This year has been an interesting year for me and so much as happened but through it all I have learned to trust in God more and more.  After all He has me in the palm of His hands, He holds my future, and He always does what is best for me and for His Glory!  I have so much to write about all the things that has happened this year but perhaps I shall do it a little at a time or not at all.  We shall see! However, I will say the first half of this year I was extremely busy and for the last couple of months or so I received the rest that God gave to me and I am grateful.  I will say that through it all He has been faithful, merciful, gracious, loving, kind, and so good to me.  I am nothing and no one without Him and I'm glad He is my Savior, My Friend, My Lord, My ALL...

I learned something very very important this year and it is we must always be watchful and in prayer and put on the whole armor of God everyday because we are in a spiritual war and the enemy will stop at nothing to try and take you out especially if you should be off your guard for just a little bit so I am learning to constantly be prayerful on my guard and dressed in the whole armor of God so I may do all and STAND in the midst of it all and through it all and give God the Glory. Amen!!! He is Worth It!!!

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