Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Diamond In the Rough!

A diamond before it can be used looks like a rock with rough and unsmooth edges. It is dull, discolored, and to the natural eye it may look like a piece of stone that should be disregarded or thrown away. That was me many years ago.

I was covered with fear and intimidation. I was not very attractive to just anyone. Not many people wanted to be near me. I was alone – or so I thought. But I had lots of potential locked up inside of me – I just couldn't see it yet. You see I was like a seed with a hard covering but on the inside I was a beautiful plant waiting to break forth. Someone put it like this –"you need to be unlocked and released. However, I stood on the outside of me and I couldn't see me – the person that God intended for me to be. However, it was all there all along. It is true and I have come to know it more and more each day in a very personal way and that is God has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness.

You see the enemy was trying to snatch that away from me at a very early age. He tried to feed me lies over and over early in my life – using the ones that I held very dear to my heart. He would tell me that I was nothing, good for nothing, and will never be anything. He told me I was fat, ugly, and look like I had nobody. He told me I was stupid, dumb, and a fool. But all I can say to that is well, look at me now! Look at what God has done!!!

All I needed was for God to step in on the scene. Yes, He did! He did it for me but for His Glory! He stepped in and then He began to tell me: before the foundations of the world I knew you, I formed thee in thy mother's womb. He told me He made me in His image and likeness and I'm the only one like me. He told me that He had a plan and purpose for my life; He said my daughter "You'll live, you shall not die. He told me you are beautiful; yes, you are because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He called daughter because He is my Father. He told me you have no need to fear for I am with you always even to the end of this age. He told me don't worry about where you should go just trust me with all your heart and I'll direct your paths. He told me don't worry about pleasing men only please Him that's all that will matter in the end. He told me don't believe all those lies from the enemy in my past because behold He has done a new thing right now – see it's coming to pass. He told me my battle is not with that which can be seen—I must use by faith to tackle that which cannot be seen. He told me His love is real, without conditions, or limitations because see He sent His Holy One to take the punishment of the sinful ones. He told me don't fear the fire because I'm coming out as pure gold. It is true what they said "whatever you hear constantly, you'll eventually believe and act upon. So I want to submit this to you today. Why not start hearing/reading the Word of God over and over again. After all it is His instruction book to us on how we should live this life that He has made us to live.

I am created to give God the glory so I will always tell this story. You see no man is an island we need others to accomplish His plan and purpose. The Word tells us to give honor where honor is due and so I'm gonna give a shout-out to my Pastor, my best friend, my honey, my baby, and my boo. You see if it had not been for him coming into my life at the appointed time I wouldn't be the woman you see now. He taught me how to think for myself. He encouraged me when I didn't even know how to encourage myself. He prayed for me always and continually. He taught me God's unconditional love through his actions. He is more than just my husband, next to God; he is all the man I have ever needed. God has used him so significantly in my life and I'm so grateful that I'm his wife, his baby, his lover, his best friend, and his boo. I thank God for him each and every day because through wisdom he was the iron that sharpened me. He was the voice of truth that destroyed every lie from the enemy. He knew what to do and when to do it in order for that which was inside of me to be released for God's glory.

I am unlocked and continually being released and God is constantly perfecting me.

May God's will be done in all things! Amen!!!

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