Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day Two: Giver :-)

Today, I'm thankful to God for a husband who likes to give to others.  He is a giver at heart.  He has been so kind to me and shares everything with me.  He has given me so much and I know that if there is ever anything I want or need and he has it - he will always offer it to me.  He likes to share.  He likes to give not only to me but I've seen him give to so many others as well and he takes delight in giving especially when he knows that it is going to a great cause and will further the kingdom of God or simply bless someone who is in need.  Honey, I thank God for you being so kind and so giving and not just of money/material possessions but also of your time and talent.

I love you!

This first picture is of various children in our neighborhood.  During the summer about 3 years ago hubby came up with the idea to bless the our neighbors and their children in our neighborhood with a barbecue (hot dogs, burgers, etc.).  It was a good day and the neighbors and children who stopped by enjoyed this show of love to them.  My hubby is a true giver. 

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