Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day Three: Cooks Good Chili!

I am smiling as I am typing this one today.  Though it may seem simple, I really love this about my hubby.  He makes great chili.  His chili will keep you going back for more and more until it's done.  I look forward to every time my hubby makes chili.  It's so good!!! LOL...

Honey, thank you for being willing to cook and share your chili and the recipe with me ;-).  I'm grateful to God for you and all that great chili making that you do and with the kick that you cook it with.  Ummm,  I don't think you ever shared with me what you added to your chili to give it such a nice kick in the spices to it when I ate it last.  Did you notice that my chili didn't come out with that kick that yours had even though I pretty much used the same ingredients you did minus the beans and a different type of meat. I know you will share it with me next time.  Honey I love you and thank God for you.  I appreciate you :-).

Here is a picture of my most recent chili that I made.  The one below it was from the one my hubby made and I ate.  I left the beans because I don't like beans.  I tried to eat the beans but they just get in the way. I never liked beans even when I was a little girl.  I just don't like them.  Notice that the chili I made does not have beans in it.  :-)

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